by Misfired

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Some pieces of my mind
Are gonna die tonight
I´m giving back my soul
Wherever it came from

Nothing but problems
Nothing but frustration
( I ) don´t even know what I want
So why should I keep on

I´m punishing you drinking my talent away
Nobody ever supported me
Nobody ever believed in me
So nobody´s gonna taste
The smallest tiniest little piece of my gift
Nobody - not even me

Creativity runs my veins
Intelligence burns my brain
I could do so much
But I was born misplaced

Understanding the world
Is killing my hope
Watching mankind makes me
go blind

I´m punishing….

I´m black
White yellow red
Man, woman
I´m rich, i´m poor, not loved, too much love
Hate freedom, I´wanna be free
Pretty, ugly…

IT´S ALL YOUR FAULT-It´s all your fault
IT´S ALL YOUR FAULT-It´s all your fault
IT´S ALL YOUR FAULT-It´s all your fault
IT´S ALL YOUR FAULT-It´s all your fault


released August 6, 2013
Music: Misfired
Lyrics: Marta




Misfired Hamburg, Germany

2007 haben sich Elena, Katrin und Marta gefunden. Von vielen auf Riot Grrlz reduziert, sehen wir uns
lieber als musizierende Menschen, die ihre Einflüsse zusammenschmeißen: Punk, HC, Flamenco,
Blues, Psychobilly, Metal, Stoner Rock etc
Mit vertrackten Rhythmen, Punk im Kopf und Wut im Bauch fabrizieren wir Tip Top Friggelcore, Post
Punk, 90er Hardcore was auch immer. Am Ende ist es Musik.
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